IVY & BEN - Sweet Summer Dreams Scented Candle Luxury

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Sweet Summer Dreams is a shapely marble scented candle. Natural soy wax was used to make the candle.

The luxury scented candle from Ivy & Ben gives off an intense and summery scent that you won't forget in a hurry. Mango aromas come to the fore and provide a sweet but also refreshing aroma. The mango scent is well balanced and works together with other fresh fruit scents.

The aromatic scented candle arouses pleasant emotions, as its fascinating aromas are reminiscent of a beautiful summer evening. You immediately feel transported to the terrace, where you can enjoy an ice-cold lemonade. Good holiday memories are also awakened again. In addition, lemongrass and mint are currently the favorites among the fragrances, and are therefore also suitable for events with several guests.
The marble candle Sweet Summer Dreams is a good choice for cozy summer evenings on the balcony or terrace. But it can also be used in the cold season to remind you with its scent of a comfortably warm summer day and thus prevent winter depression.

Enjoy the playful elegance of the aromas of the unique Sweet Summer Dreams scented candle