IVY & BEN - Spiritual Journey Scented Candle

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The marble scented candle Spiritual Journey is waiting for you with an elegant and shapely design. Not only in the bathroom, but in every room it becomes an eye-catcher and a beautiful accessory. The scented candle made from soy wax by IVY & BEN also offers a unique quality in terms of scent. Amber is at the center of the fragrance creation.

It gives off a velvety scent that is slightly dry and woody. But it also contains slightly tobacco-like and balsamic-sweet notes. This unique combination relaxes body and mind and lets warm and earthy aromas come into their own. Amber is said to have an erotic effect and help against many health problems. It is often used as a homeopathic remedy for psychological problems such as nervousness, restlessness and sleep problems. There are additional uses for depression, overexertion, asthma and numbness.
But the Spiritual Journey scented candle is also a good choice for pure enjoyment. The intense fragrance creates an oriental flair. It goes particularly well with relaxation exercises, which is why the use of the luxury scented candle is recommended for yoga, for example.

The scent of amber stimulates the imagination, so that you can retreat to a quiet place, such as a temple or desert, for your yoga exercises. This promotes the relaxing and liberating effect of the exercises.

Let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating effect of the Spiritual Journey scented candle.